phil grew up in the foothills of the utah valley.
he's good at math and is a phd student in statistics.
he likes pizza, fry sauce, playing the guitar, jumping up and down when he's excited, swedish, oreos, sleeping in, his pandora stations, beto's, making others laugh, and sour patch kids.

laurel grew up in the mountains of southern california.
she's likes languages and books and naps.
she enjoys a good jaunt in IKEA, thrift shopping, running, bobby pins/braids/buns, staying up late, shrimp tacos, peonies, hot sauce, french horn concertos, yoga, sandal weather, and laughing.

(that's enough for the third-person writing there!)

while attending college we met, became fast friends, held hands on halloween, dated, fell in love pretty quick, got engagedand were married in the summer of 2012. 

a little lad named simon joined the party in december 2013 the day after we finished our university finals. 

another little boy named asher joined the team in september 2015 after we moved to north carolina.

though this blog is named "phlaurel" (the combo our names: phil and laurel. yes, it's a little silly, we know, but we love silly), I (laurel) am the sole author of this internet space. phil just reads and vetos the photos that have him with straws up his nose.

this blog's purpose is to record the moments and events and thoughts and images that make up the every day of our lives together as a family.


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