Sunday, September 23, 2018

38/52: september 2018

^^ date night at rock n' roll sushi. it's all-you-can-eat sushi place when little plates of sushi come around to your booth on a conveyor belt. we're livin' the dream over here! and gaining weight. ;)

^^ the many faces of simon: pleased with his marble tower, and then v dissatisfied with my photo taking (and the sun in his eyes too, I suppose).

^^ this week we went to the doctor THREE times. sounds awfully dramatic, and it was a little. we had well-check appointments for both ezra and asher on monday. we had to brave the flash floods of hurricane florence that gave us torrential rain that morning. driving to the appointment was "an adventure." we kept saying that to the boys as we navigated the roads and avoided large bodies of water covering intersections. ezra is a strapping chunk at 19 lbs 5 oz and asher is doing pretty well himself. because of the tornado warnings, the peds clinic had to send their vaccines to the hospital (per clinic policies -- guess you don't want the measles, mumps, and rubella vaccine flying around in a tornado, inoculating innocent bystanders. could be bad???), so now we have to come back next week to get ezra poked. simon's preschool was also cancelled that morning last minute, so we ALL went to the peds clinic. a women in the waiting room walked over to peek into ezra's carseat to see "if he was a boy or a girl", and then she looked at me and said, "oh, wow, three boys? three boys. wow." and then, more or less, walked away. I could only laugh. lady, I get it. I feel that way every morning when we all sit down to have breakfast or when I look into our full backseat. three boys. wow. in any case, our second appointment was at the main hospital the next day with asher, and then on friday we went to the pediatrician again with ezra because of the nasty cold he caught (from asher. thanks for sharing!) and me feeling extra concerned about it. he has been a pretty miserable baby the past few days, coughing a sad cough and having a runny nose and watery eyes and generally feeling gross. it's VERY strange for him to be so fussy and sad. we're hoping he's back to his normal self soon which will be just in time for him to get prodded by a few vaccinations (since there's no more risk of them getting caught in a tornado!). I'm super ready for us to regain our health again.

^^ I legally changed my name this week. only 6+ years and 3 children later... the man at the desk at the social security administration said it was a record for him. so, I guess, I win? a new name? we'll see if things go smoothly at the dmv this week. and, then there's a WHOLE list of other important agencies to alert. very exciting phone calls and inquiries in my future.

 ^^ 5 months old and we were church renegades today. we showed up for the first hour and packed it up and left halfway in because we just had too many germs to share. ezra doesn't look it here, but this fella has been a sad buddy today. here's hoping he'll be on the mend soon.

 ^^ simon and asher's methodist preschool has a "paint and praise" activity one saturday evening each month. we drop them off for an hour to paint and sing gospel songs while we go on a quick date. this week it was poke and banh mi.

^^ getting some sunday afternoon wiggles out at the park. it was finally a day that the weather was perfect outside. we've been needing a break in the heat and humidity. at one point, simon ran around the park about 4 times and then plopped on the bench next to me and said, "mom, it feels like fall." I didn't even know he knew that it was fall. I asked him how he knew and he said, "because it feels so nice."

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