Sunday, September 9, 2018

36/52: september 2018

 ^^ thought this was so sweet and so funny. asher had a bunch of different patterns going on in his clothing and on his bed! also, do you love his choice of seasonally appropriate reading material? ha! merry christmas! ;)

^^ first day back to (pre)school for these two boys. asher is in the 2 year old class (since he doesn't turn three until later this next week) and simon is in the pre-K class that meets every day.

^^ before heading to church

^^ I love a good sleeping/swaddled baby photo!

 simon's funny face here. ha! ^^

 new dogwood print on our wall by a friend. love having pieces in our home made by people we love. ^^

^^ simon started soccer through the ymca on saturday, and he had lots of feelings about it. he was slow to warm, but by the end of the hour long practice/game he wasn't as opposed to it as he was at the beginning. it's a start. :)

^^ I love his cute toddler-size cleats! 

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