Sunday, September 2, 2018

35/52: september 2018

 ^^ asher's pout is so funny to me. I asked them to make a happy face for a picture, and asher, in true 2 year old fashion, said, "no, I want to make a sad face."

 ^^ before coming home from utah this week, we wanted to get the boys squared away with some new haircuts. we went to dollar cuts (inside the provo smith's) and it was $15 all together for both the boys to get these sweet cuts. such a steal!

^^ we came back to NC this week and the flight back was good, but the boys were tired (cue asher falling asleep like this in the car).

 ^^ getting back into good napping habits and figuring out the time change.

^^ phil took the older boys to the park while I bathed and put ezra to bed. I love the time I get to spend one-on-one this baby.

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