Sunday, August 12, 2018

32/52: august 2018

 ^^ visited byu campus this weekend for a walk and found this boy's name engraved in stone. 

^^ "we're working." the boys play with toys in the basement and call it "going to work."

 ^^ the coolest new family study room in the byu library.

^^ park dayz

^^ museum of curiosity

 ^^ no ezras were injured in the taking of this photo. 

^^ date night with these two fellas and a chocolate milkshake

^^ funniest byu shirt
and, the smokiest sunset of the summer ^^

^^ third hour of church hanging out with this little friend

Sunday, August 5, 2018

31/52: august 2018

 ^^ our sunday bunch. we've had such a wonderful summer here, but it'll be good to reunite our entire sunday bunch in a few weeks on our ol' red couch.

^^ love these three sweet boys. we've had a good week together.

 ^^ park afternoon
 ^^ splash pad morning

 ^^ coloring outside
cousin loving ^^

^^ simon getting in his baby snuggles

^^ sleeping on papa gets a "yes!" pump hand from ezra

^^ simon singing to ezra

^^ met a friend at a park a few weeks ago and discovered that she and phil went to middle school together. ha! love that preteen head of curls!