Sunday, August 26, 2018

Sunday, August 19, 2018

33/52: august 2018

^^ had a park morning with steph and her two children. ezra and her baby girl were born in the same hospital just one day apart, and it is already fun to see how much they have grown.

^^ dinner (thanks, wendy's) at vivian park in the canyon. it was a perfect summer evening. we have so enjoyed our summer out here with family and friends and parks and the best evening temperatures.


^^ put asher and ezra down to sleep and took my simon buddy to the rodeo in spanish fork on thursday evening. in the car on the way there, simon requested that we get "popcorn and orange soda" and managed to find ourselves some kettle corn and lemonade. that seemed to do the trick. I've never been to a rodeo before, and it was fun! the barrel riders were especially impressive to me. there was a fun spirit there and a lot of stetsons. 

 ^^ playground playmates. we've had a few experiences this week with some other children at the park that haven't been especially nice with the boys (mostly, towards simon), and I'm grateful that these two have a loving brother in one another. when I took this picture, it was right after an older boy had said something unkind to simon after he (simon) had asked if he (simon) could swing next to him (older boy). I asked asher if he would go swing next to simon, and with a big grin he said, "okay!" and ran over and said, "let's swing, simon!" and away they went. I told them how glad I was that they could play so well together and that it made me happy to see that they loved each other. 

 ^^ we met up (at the park, of course!) with whitney and her baby on saturday morning.

 ^^ hanging out with papa before bedtime and having a good chat. 
everyone watching the magic school bus! haha! ^^

 ^^ aquarium morning with our wonderful cousins. it's so good to see the fun these five boys have together. nathan is especially kind and gentle older cousin to simon and asher. we have felt happy to have their companionship this summer.

 ^^ morning watering and yard work.

 ^^ park dayz

 ^^ every time I bring ezra up in the morning or from a nap, simon asks to hold him.

 ^^ these sweet twins turned 1!

^^ sunday dinner time and fun with family

^^ love this asher boy. he is a sweet, energetic boy who is full of joy (and rambunctiousness!).

Sunday, August 12, 2018

32/52: august 2018

 ^^ visited byu campus this weekend for a walk and found this boy's name engraved in stone. 

^^ "we're working." the boys play with toys in the basement and call it "going to work."

 ^^ the coolest new family study room in the byu library.

^^ park dayz

^^ museum of curiosity

 ^^ no ezras were injured in the taking of this photo. 

^^ date night with these two fellas and a chocolate milkshake

^^ funniest byu shirt
and, the smokiest sunset of the summer ^^

^^ third hour of church hanging out with this little friend