Sunday, July 22, 2018

29/52: july 2018

^^ aunt megan snuggling with the boys, and ezra calm and content during tummy time. 

 ^^ watching a movie with all these White family boys

 ^^ creation station morning at the provo library

 ^^ asher is becoming more of a book lover. if the house ever becomes too quiet, I know that he is either, 1.) getting into mischief somewhere or, 2.) looking at books on his "special couch" (this dog bed!).


 ^^ simon had a sad bout with constipation this week, and for about four days straight all he wanted to do was lay down. we'd go to the park or the splash pad, and all he'd run around for a minute and then would come and want to rest/curl up on the bench with me or the ground.

 went on a date night for waffles and fries with this fine lady ^^

^^ one of the days that simon wasn't feeling good, he sat in the swing for an hour and asher pushed him.
also, asher wanted a picture of him and his new straw "hat."

^^ pool time! asher would kick forward and say over and over, "I'm swimming!"

 ^^ morning hike with phil. he came up from seattle on friday and is on vacation for the week with us.

^^ on saturday, my siblings and I flew into san diego (photo is missing glen since he already lives in CA) to go to the 90th birthday party for my grandma betty. I haven't seen her since right before we moved to NC, so it was a sweet reunion.

^^ grandma betty is the kindest soul. she has been writing me letters since I was a child and I cherish the poems that she composes and sends us along with her words of wisdom. she is full of faith and joy.

^^ grandma and all her children

^^ some of her grandchildren (and all of my siblings)


^^ there were a bunch of albums at the reunion/party for us to look through. it was fun to see old pictures and identify resemblances in our children. 

 ^^ my dad and mom's engagement photos, and dad in high school!

wishing we still had these fabulous dresses! ^^

there were three pictures I found where I think I look like each of our boys:
 ^^ simon

^^ asher

 ^^ baby ezra

 ^^ after the party we drove back to lake arrowhead to slept there before heading back to utah. in the morning, I walked around the house outside with ezra and just thought about all the good memories I have of this house and yard and town. love this beautiful mountain home.

^^ we drove back to utah. ezra did great in the car.

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