Sunday, July 15, 2018

28/52: july 2018

 ^^ easy ezra is the nickname this boy has earned in his short, sweet life. every night when I talk with phil I tell him how good this boy has been. simon and asher were good babies, but somehow ezra has really taken the cake with his content nature and everlasting patience. he is rarely fussy, often happy, and sleeps long and eats well. I think a loving Someone knew that this was going to be the baby that would help make this little boy summer sans phil manageable and happy.

 museum of curiosity and these boys hung out at this ball station for a long time. ^^

 weight training with bonnie. this has been a good exercise week for me and blessed be the rec center for all the group classes they offer. I tried high fitness for the first time and, 1.) I don't think I have ever jumped that much in an hour period, and 2.) I don't think my bladder has ever been so put to the test. ^^

^^ springville splash pad and playground with these little friends we love. ^^

 ^^ hanging out in the mother's lounge for a meal and a nap during church. life is rough stuff when you're a baby.

^^ the freckles are spreading and I'm loving them.

 ^^ pioneer park morning

 ^^ gems from the younger years!

^^ sweetest sleeper

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