Sunday, June 24, 2018

25/52: june 2018

 ^^ nap time snuggles and brotherly ones too.

 ^^ two month old photos on papa's easy chair

 ^^ the beloved backyard. on saturday, the boys wore themselves out playing and helping outside with papa all morning. they helped mow the lawn, put branches into the yard waste, pick cherries, and prune the apricot tree.

 ^^ too funny not to post. I checked on asher during his nap one afternoon and found him face against the crib and biting down on one of the posts. boy plays hard and sleeps hard.

^^ just about the hugest cookies I've ever eaten.

^^ went to the splash pad one afternoon and the boys were big fans. we have come to this splash pad each summer for the past three years and the boys enjoy it more and more each year. it's so neat to watch them experience things differently as they get bigger.

 ^^ this ezra boy is such a chill buddy and the biggest mooch for a good swaddle and a warm chest. I think a few of my favorite parts of his babyhood so far are having him sleep so peacefully on my chest, his smiles, and his coos. we have little conversations throughout the day and his sweet nature fills me with joy. so happy he is a part of our family.

^^ backyard raspberry picking is in full swing

^^ marble towers and jam making

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