Sunday, June 10, 2018

23/52: june 2018


^^ we went to the zoo one morning this week with tara and all the kids. we enjoyed the train, ice cream, the splash pad, and seeing the animals. asher ran off/got lost at one point. we searched around for him for a solid five minutes until a kind lady found him crying out for "mom!" and brought him back down a path to where we were looking for him. I was surprised he even realized/cared that he had wandered off. that boy! he keeps us on our toes! aside from that moment, simon and asher both enjoyed the company of their sweet cousins and running around the zoo. grateful for this time that we get to be near family

 ^^ simon had swim lessons every morning this week (except friday), so we spent all morning every morning that he had lessons at the rec center pools. the boys enjoy the water so much and ezra and I like to chill on the sidelines as we watched them splash and play.

 ^^ cuddles with papa

^^ this buddy started laughing for the first time this week and will give gummy smiles if persuaded in just the right way. this blue overalls outfit was what phil was blessed in when he was a baby. I love all the hand-me-downs that we can use here at phil's parents house. 

living here for the summer also has the perk of finding gems like this:
FRESHMAN FOOTBALL PHIL and that head of curls!

^^ also, ezra is the only one of our three children who will stay still long enough for me to take photos of him. thus, he currently has more photo face-time than the other two boys. ha!

 ^^ grateful for aunt megan and her kindness towards these boys. simon would have joined but he couldn't decide which cars to stockpile in his hands and we had to finish getting ready for church.

 ^^ I listened to president nelson's youth devotional last sunday and decided to do the 7 day fast from social media that he recommends this week. being mostly without phil this summer has put a limit of the amount of free time I have (taking care/entertaining three little boys is a bit of a circus that requires a lot of attention and energy), and in doing this break I've seen that I feel like I have time to spend reading the scriptures, thinking about important things, and reading books and the news without compromising my goal to get a nap each day and get to sleep each night before 9:30pm (for the sake of being a decent mother in the mornings). for the last while, I have tried to be good about not being on my phone in front of the boys (not perfect, but trying), but this break allowed me to not be on my phone as much in front of ME and that has felt important.

^^ saturday morning pancakes. sprinkles for the boys. 

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