Sunday, June 3, 2018

22/52: june 2018

 ^^ on monday, we spent the memorial day morning with my family. ezra wore this very sweet romper that was once phil's. as soon as we arrived at my parents' condo, I pulled ezra out of his carseat (so he could meet some members of my family for the first time) only to feel and see that he had had his first blow out. ha! great first impression, indeed! the boys spent that morning at the pool with cousins and grandpa and then we played at the park and ate sandwiches.

 ^^ on tuesday, we visited the bean museum at byu. that lasted about 10 minutes with the boys since the indoor playground was closed and asher had a particular need to run away from me and yell. on the way out, I ran into a friend and her mother that we knew from wrightwood (where we lived when I was 5 - 11 years old). it was such a lovely coincidence! after our run-in, I took the boys onto BYU campus to roam a little. I love the nostalgia that I feel as I walk around campus.



^^ on wednesday, we went to the library to sign-up for a library card and the boys played in the play area and we read books. from there, we walked to the rec center and signed up for a three month pass to use during our time here. and, from there, we went to the park so the boys could run around. after naps, the boys played with the water table and the big kiddie pool outside. 



^^ on thursday, simon and asher "helped" grandpa mow the lawn in the morning. we walked to bicentennial park and the boys played there for the rest of the morning. on the walk home, I pushed the stroller and carried simon on my back. I definitely got a strength training workout with that load. in the afternoon, we watched a movie and played with water in the backyard.

^^ on friday morning, we went to the rec center and the boys played for the entire morning in the indoor water playground. ezra chilled with me as the boys splashed around and explored.

 ^^ on friday afternoon, we went to the park near my parents' place for the gender reveal for my brother and his expecting wife. we also visited my brother-in-law and his wife's baby's grave in celebration of what would be her 2nd birthday. we had delicious cake afterwards for her birthday.



^^ on saturday morning, I attended with my sister-in-law, anna, the "thriving mom conference" and were taught by some exceptional women (including ralphie jacobs who is a inspiring mother who teaches on how to create happy, positive homes) on topics of motherhood and how to find joy as mothers and how to cultivate joy in our homes and help our children. after naps, we spent the afternoon at the park. 

^^ the sweetest outfit on ezra that phil wore as a baby. love these hand-me downs!

^^ on sunday, we walked up to church in the morning. simon and ezra sat with grandma and aunt megan during the first hour and asher was being a rambunctious and we headed out to the hallway where he played with a set of doors for a solid 45 minutes. that boy has a weird love of opening and closing doors and especially loves automatic sliding doors (which he calls "elevators").

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