Sunday, May 27, 2018

21/52: may 2018

 ^^ last day of preschool and (almost) all the drawings and art these two have created this year. there are at least two or three layers of art on that string.

 ^^ mr. ezra hanging out in the morning light on simon's bunk bed

^^ last day of preschool (5.23.18)
^^ from the first day of preschool (9.6.17). 
9 months make a big difference!

^^ the boys have enjoyed there preschool time this year (and so have I!), and we have loved their sweet teachers and aids. we are glad that we'll be returning in a few months, but for now, here's to summer!

^^ ezra is one month old

^^ these sweet boys playing at the park with grandma cummins 
while phil and I ran errands on friday.

 ^^ first things first: betos burritos. 

and, this was after we arrived in salt lake after our flight from north carolina. our direct flight went surprisingly well, though I'm sure some were expecting the worse given all the wonderful looks from others we received (I guess flying with three small children is a little nuts?????). phil sat with the boys and I was behind them in a window seat with ezra. ezra was a bit fussy, but he was able to eat and sleep (and he pooped a few times too) and the people next to us were very accommodating. the boys watched a lot of daniel tiger and boss baby and were generally good throughout the flight. ^^

 ^^ poor babe ezra was very fussy on friday and saturday and literally would not fall asleep unless he was on someone's body. although it makes things a little tricky (and a bit exhausting), it is sweet that he has been wanting/needing to be close. 

 ^^ waiting to be picked up from the airport and everyone was feeling a little tired (and jet lagged).

^^ dessert date. we went a little nuts and got two cookies, a donut, fries, and a smoothie. at 9pm.

 we enjoyed seeing family at the cemetery on saturday in honor of memorial day weekend. ^^

 ^^ one last sunday at church with our favorite phil before he went off to seattle,

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