Sunday, May 20, 2018

20/52: may 2018

 ^^ so glad that dear bonnie could stay with us and shower us with her love and companionship.

 ^^ I continue to be awed with the gentleness and kindness that simon (and asher too!) treats ezra. every time he sees him he croons, "ahhhh! what a cute fat baby!" and asks to hold him. when he is lying down, simon will just go up to him and lie with his arm over ezra in a hug. he loves giving him squeezes and is such a kind, interested big brother.

^^ simon wanted phil to hold him while he held ezra. it became a little too much love for the littlest boy there.

^^ had some friends over for lunch and chatted all afternoon.

 ^^ the many faces of this sunny bub

 ^^ 4 year old appointment for simon (nearly 6 months late!). he was tested and prodded and came out victorious. though, he had to get a few shots and that was less fun. but, it was exciting to wear the tiger hospital gown. wish they made ones like that for adults...

^^ from mother's day, from simon. mostly he thinks I'm amazing because I throw good birthday parties. I had no idea that I was such an incredible party thrower, or perhaps this is a hint at what he would like to see in the future from me. 

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