Sunday, April 1, 2018

13/52 april 2018

^^ a dandelion at the park

^^ pecan rolls for easter sunday/conference breakfast. thank you, phil. 

^^ easter bunnies!


^^ spring is tentatively here, though snow looms again in the forecast this next week.

37 weeks and going strong ^^

^^ how these boys have been napping recently.
asher needs a few essentials (a can of beans, a ladle, and a bath toy tube),
and simon usually opts to bring all his toys into his bed with him. 

 ^^ hanging out with the berenstain bears, and while laying outside
he told me "mama, I'm just watching the sky move around."

he told grandma yesterday, when she was trying to talk to me, "don't talk to my mama, grandma."
she asked why and he said, "I only want you to talk to me because you're my favorite." haha!

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