Sunday, April 29, 2018

17/52: april 2018

a few photos from this wonderful, eventful week:

^^ final pictures on the big red couch of our family of four. I was having consistent contractions
at this point and right after this we put the boys to bed, had phil's brother come over, and drove over to the hospital. 

^^ we had the baby early on monday and came home on tuesday. I made this sling a few weeks ago and I am pleased that it works so well and is easy to manage. ezra has been cozy in there!

^^ love this little buddy

Sunday, April 22, 2018

16/52: april 2018

 ^^ all that fit for a jaunt at the ymca was one of phil's soccer jerseys!
and, the boys are enjoying one of their favorite activities: playing with water. good thing we have so many water toys (!) from our kitchen and have saved all those fancy yogurt containers. 

^^40 weeks this week! when will this baby come?

^^one of the young women I teach at church performed in a musical at her high school on friday night, and I went to see her in it. it was fun to watch and it reminded me of all the fun I had doing musicals in high school.

phil was teaching simon how to draw people a few weeks ago (we are a little behind on the "teaching your children how to draw" part of parenthood...) and he drew this drawing which includes, clearly, a picture of himself. I thought it was the funniest thing (and needed documentation before it was thrown away) because, for some reason, it just looks so comically like him. I'm not sure if he drew me next to him, but I would send that t-shirt dress right back if I got that in the mail. ;) ^^

Sunday, April 15, 2018

15/52: april 2018

 ^^ lomo saltado by phil (the best!), and ^^ just hanging out on the floor by simon and asher
 ^^ we got a trio of surprise visitors on our porch saturday night! my mom and two sisters flew in and surprised us with a weekend visit. the boys have never been so well-entertained and adored while eating dinner.

 ^^ little critter with a side of nose picking.

^^ a sweet racoon for baby brother made by phil's sister emily, and a little package in the mail from dear mindy. we feel grateful for the love and kind gifts that come to us from across the country. 
^^ 39 week appointment at the ob. baby is happy to be snug inside and I'm
happy to wait for him to come when he's ready.

Sunday, April 8, 2018

14/52: april 2018

^^ spent a morning at duke gardens.
^^ dyed eggs by simon
 (before they got tossed into our backyard!)

^^just relaxing at an ob appt waiting for the doctor. 

^^ I forgot to post these last week, but these kind friends organized a fun girls' night for me & baby last week. it was wonderful and complete with excellent treats. never in my life have I been surrounded by such a large group of loving, dynamic, supportive women as I am here. they each (those pictured and not) have made north carolina a place that we love so, so much.

Sunday, April 1, 2018

13/52 april 2018

^^ a dandelion at the park

^^ pecan rolls for easter sunday/conference breakfast. thank you, phil. 

^^ easter bunnies!


^^ spring is tentatively here, though snow looms again in the forecast this next week.

37 weeks and going strong ^^

^^ how these boys have been napping recently.
asher needs a few essentials (a can of beans, a ladle, and a bath toy tube),
and simon usually opts to bring all his toys into his bed with him. 

 ^^ hanging out with the berenstain bears, and while laying outside
he told me "mama, I'm just watching the sky move around."

he told grandma yesterday, when she was trying to talk to me, "don't talk to my mama, grandma."
she asked why and he said, "I only want you to talk to me because you're my favorite." haha!