Sunday, March 25, 2018

12/52: march 2018

^^ two boys hiding from the cold. will it ever get warm here? 

 ^^ bump update in our dirty mirror, and a chilly morning at the park. 

^^ took advantage of a trip I took down to chapel hill
to stop in for a box of some favorite cookies.

^^ oh hi! we had an uneventful week this week, which is just what we needed. the boys enjoyed their few mornings at preschool while phil worked and I hustled here and there with appointments and finishing up projects. the days seem to fly by! we were big in the park and museum scene, especially favoring the indoors since it has still been chilly most days. at these places, I mostly find a comfy place to sit and make sure the boys don't run off too far. simon is still a cautious one and likes to stay near me while asher will run off as happy as a clam and not even notice how far he has gone. he is currently obsessed with automatic doors (they are all "elevators") and lucky he still has all his fingers (*knock on wood*). they keep each other in balance in so many ways: asher incites simon to run off and play but simon keeps asher entertained and thus he usually stays close by. those boys are such wonderful companions to each other and to me during the days we have together. they are quirky, human, and loving. we listen to the same tracks of the children's songbook on CD in the car ad naseum because they love listening to "follow the prophet" and "the books of the old testament," which is both great and awful (merely because they never tire of them). asher is a kind friend and, though a bit of a bruiser/klutz, a real sweetheart and silly boy. simon is still simon--serious, concerned, so silly, sensitive, loving, obedient (often enough), and very much into cars and getting nickels for completing jobs around the house. it's lovely how very bribe-able he is when it comes to earning a nickel. ha! phil continues to do steady work on research and papers, and I am grateful for his even-keeled nature and his ability to come home and really be home with us after working/studying. his culinary forays this week included scones, bread, a delicious chicken salad we ate for days, and an excellent rosa sauce with the pasta we had for dinner tonight. asher and simon enjoy sitting on the counter and watching while phil is "making;" phil asks if they want to watch him "make" in the kitchen and they almost always will drop what they are doing to hang out in the kitchen with him. I had admissions work and a meeting at the end of this week, which varied this week's day-to-day mom-life. I sang in choir during our church services this morning and taught in young women's about the principle of forgiveness. I am grateful for the girls and women that I get to be in close contact with at church. we all took a wonderful, long nap afterward and spent time with the zach&kenzie&emerson white family for dinner and the duke basketball game. I am grateful for the close friendships we particularly share with them being here together in NC.

Sunday, March 18, 2018

11/52: march 2018

^^ 35 weeks with this third boy, and over 4.25 years with this first little boy ^^

^^ morning together at the alamance country children's museum.

 ^^ we had a good first half of the week that turned a touch interesting the second half. it was spring break for phil (which doesn't very much at this point in his program since he isn't in classes), but the boys still had preschool. that meant that monday and wednesday were breakfast morning dates for us, and we tried a new local restaurant ("jack tar and the colonel's daughter") and also went to the well-beloved "rise" for breakfast sandwiches and donuts. for the first half of the week, I was at the business school in the mornings tasked with making admission calls to students for various programs. it was such a fun thing to call and surprise people as a bearer of good news. 

later in the week, we made a pilgrimage to ikea in search of all the things swedish and wonderful which included trying out all the beds, lunch in the cafeteria, and perusing the wall of sweets at the end. after we came home that afternoon, we soon realized that our trip to the iconic blue and yellow store was going to give us a little more than we had hoped for though: phil and I got food poisoning (from our lunch there? we're not totally sure, but we think it may have been the culprit...), and though it did it an efficient job through me that night, phil is still not fully recuperated. he decided to take himself to the urgent care last night after 2.5 days of lower GI misery, and we are hoping that the result of some tests there will show that it's nothing more than just a bad bout of food poisoning. ugh. not the best way to round out spring break, but he's on the mend and we are grateful that the boys were unscathed. 

we are hoping for this upcoming week to be uneventful (*knock on wood*) as we go back to a normal schedule of school, work, park days, and preparing for the arrival of little brother. 

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Sunday, March 4, 2018

9/52: march 2018

 ^^ birthday celebrations for phil

^^ making roads and playing with simon before bed. also, I liked how he 
decided to clip this flip phone (one of our old ones) to his shirt collar. ha!