Sunday, January 7, 2018

1/52 - january 2018

^^ all dressed up and no where to go last sunday. spark plugs needing to be replaced sent us home from our journey to church. 

^^ apple pie with a homemade puff pastry thanks to phil. 

^^ we got bundled up to go get energy out at the park.

^^ lunch date while the boys were at preschool, and a long bath for the boys. they played in there for almost an hour and a half and it was excellent. 

^^ the ig best of nine photos from 2017. happy to see that halloween topped the charts with our last minute outfits. ha!

^^ some new additions to our growing collection of little boy clothes, and
these are ones just for the boy to come. makes me excited to imagine him in them.

^^nearing 6 months along. it has gone by quickly!

we had a quiet week at home. our car had some trouble on sunday and that changed some of the plans we had for the week, but it was nice to stay at home and avoid the cold as much as we could. and, it has been COLD here, especially for north carolina. we celebrated new years eve with good food and games, and we rang in midnight by turning to each other in bed around 12am and saying, "hey, happy new year." I'm thinking that ringing it in quietly like that just before falling asleep is a good way for the year to go out and come in. 

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