Sunday, January 28, 2018

4/52: january 2018

happy week full of preschool, work, trips to the park, 
visits with friend, ymca time, and a fun date. 

Sunday, January 21, 2018

3/52: january 2018

 ^^ I have always thought it amazing how illuminated it 
can stay outside when it snows. this was at 10pm.
found another something sweet for baby boy. ^^

lots of snow this week for our dear durham. we nearly got a foot. school was cancelled until the end of time, though by the weekend the temps were in the high 60s. now most of the cold stuff is gone. we were home-bound most of the week, but snow days make for easy days.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

2/52 - january 2018

 ^^ new haircuts for the boys, and a big batch of tomato soup to keep and share. 
it's THE easiest recipe and best tasting tomato soup I've ever had. 

^^ doctor simon or harry potter simon? you decide.

^^ tried a new restaurant called "grub" and it 
had excellent food and cool wallpapering. all you
could want, right? ;)

^^ keeping up with journaling for the boys every day.
these bigger line-a-day journals are perfect for the 
amount I want to write each day for the boys.

we had a good week here. the weather started off as pretty cold, became warm in the middle (we took advantage of that by going to the park twice in a day!), and now the temperatures are heading back down. I became ill this week with a norovirus which I originally mistook for food poisoning until phil came down with the same symptoms almost exactly 24 hours after me. I don't think I've ever been that sick that fast and that violently before, but it came on quickly and passed as quickly for both phil and me (and thankfully the boys and the baby were, more or less, unaffected). phil went back to school this week after a good break and attended a jazz game in charlotte on friday night. the boys and I had a special fast-food dinner (ha!) that night, watched a movie, and then they spent a solid hour playing in the bath before bed. thank goodness for bathes on cold days.

Sunday, January 7, 2018

1/52 - january 2018

^^ all dressed up and no where to go last sunday. spark plugs needing to be replaced sent us home from our journey to church. 

^^ apple pie with a homemade puff pastry thanks to phil. 

^^ we got bundled up to go get energy out at the park.

^^ lunch date while the boys were at preschool, and a long bath for the boys. they played in there for almost an hour and a half and it was excellent. 

^^ the ig best of nine photos from 2017. happy to see that halloween topped the charts with our last minute outfits. ha!

^^ some new additions to our growing collection of little boy clothes, and
these are ones just for the boy to come. makes me excited to imagine him in them.

^^nearing 6 months along. it has gone by quickly!

we had a quiet week at home. our car had some trouble on sunday and that changed some of the plans we had for the week, but it was nice to stay at home and avoid the cold as much as we could. and, it has been COLD here, especially for north carolina. we celebrated new years eve with good food and games, and we rang in midnight by turning to each other in bed around 12am and saying, "hey, happy new year." I'm thinking that ringing it in quietly like that just before falling asleep is a good way for the year to go out and come in.