Sunday, November 11, 2018

45/52: november 2018

 ^^ phil was gone from sunday evening to thursday this week for a job interview, so we four held down the fort. unfortunately, each boy was hit each after the other by a viral respiratory cold/sickness (ezra on sunday, asher on tuesday, and simon on thursday) that included a low-grade fever, but they have been troopers (though, simon is definitely our "man cold" child). we pushed through and despite being a bit under the weather, we had a good time together (going to chick fil-a and on lots of neighborhood walks). one evening after I put down ezra, I walked downstairs to this picture above.

 ^^ this came in the mail this week and it made me think of when the toys-r-us magazine would come around christmastime in the mail. I would hoard it and circle all the things I wanted and tally up the cost. I gave this one to simon.

^^ the night after phil got back we had tickets for a MAE concert downtown (linked a favorite song by them). we got there as the openers started, so we perched at the restaurant connected to the concert hall and had some "durm doner" and the "hipster poutine" (silly name but delicious french fries covered in bugolgi beef, kimchi, sharp cheddar, cilantro, and maybe some other stuff I can't remember). it was REALLY tasty. the concert impaired our hearing for a solid while afterwards (it was SO loud!), but it was great to listen to songs and groups that reminded us of/was the stuff we listened to in high school. it was pretty fun.

 ^^ creepy napping with eyes half open!

 ^^ the look of sick/man cold simon.

 ^^ king baby taking over our bed from 6am on. again! good thing he is such a snugglebug.

^^ we had another concert saturday night. we didn't realize when we got our tickets months ago how BUSY this week was going to be. this one was with the danish string quartet on campus. they are incredible. 

 ^^ sunday sickies snuggling on the couch.

^^ man, you guys, this kid is unbelievable. 

Sunday, November 4, 2018

44/52: november 2018

 ^^ halloween donuts! phil made 110 of these bad boys this year for friends and neighbors. we had glazed, cinn/sugar, and oreo-crusted. they were delicious!

 ^^ chilly nights call for the full-body jammies.
who wore it better? ezra or 3 month old asher?

 ^^ loving on their halloween candy

 ^^ halloween parade at preschool. love when these boys hold hands.

 ^^ the L-cats at the donut party

 ^^ fall outside our window. 

 ^^ ezra and I took a trip up to washington dc for a friend's wedding reception (she was married in the paris temple earlier in october). we stayed the night with the dear mautz family, and it was fun to reconnect and share stories and catch up.


 ^^ on the way home from the reception on friday night we stayed with kenzie and zach in richmond. on the drive down, it was dark and late and the heaviest rainstorm (a microburst?) hit us on the freeway. it became so bad at one point that all the cars on the road got over to the right and snailed along following each others' flashing emergency lights. it was scary, and we were grateful to have family closer than home to stay with. 

^^ church friends with dresses from kenzie's mom's shop: 

^^ simon's first real picture of me. it's a bit rudimentary for his age (he's more of a builder than a drawer), but I love it. those are my freckles on the face, and he drew my long hair (green). when I asked what all the green was, he said, "mom, it's your hair. you have so much. you're brushing it."

Sunday, October 28, 2018

43/52: october 2018

 ^^ 6 months old this week!

 ^^ halloween costumes this year: soccer players with our european manager and a baby referee

 ^^ just living at a sponge curler level of beauty

 ^^ fall tree on our street

 ^^ smith family fun farm. we went in the later afternoon with some friends and it was empty and fun to have the place to ourselves, especially the huge barrel slide.

^^ church trunk-or-treat

Thursday, October 25, 2018