Sunday, December 30, 2018

52/52: december 2018

 ^^ christmas jammies triplets! we spent christmas day at papa and grandma's house in utah before flying home to north carolina that afternoon.

 ^^ enjoying a walk and trying out christmas presents.  

 ^^ christmas eve horchata at "el gallo giro"

 ^^ christmas morning scripture reading

^^ flyin'!  thankfully, our flights went smoothly and our little passengers were calm (for the most part).

^^ "gray house christmas eve" = december 26th at home.

^^ we traveled to virginia on sunday and hit 100,000 in our little blue car.

Sunday, December 23, 2018

51/52: december 2018

^^ this was a fateful ride on the frontrunner. asher had had a stomach bug the days before but seemed to be doing so much better on monday, so we thought it was okay to all go up to slc (with cousins and grandma). about halfway up, asher made a funny face and then got very suddenly sick on the train. I had to get off the train with ezra and make our way back down to provo. the trains were delayed, so we waited in the cold for about an hour, boarded a very cramped train,  and proceeded back down to provo. asher yelled a lot about his stomach hurting and ezra became hungry (because of all the delays). I park us in the corner of the train, trying to suppress asher's yells, and fed the baby. once we made it back home, it was with great relief. 

^^ phil stayed with simon to go up to slc to see the temple lights

^^ sick boys watching movies all day

^^ 'tis the season

^^ simon had his 5th birthday this week. when grandma asked him what kind of cake he would like, he said a rainbow cake with sprinkles. we celebrated him the night before his birthday with cake and pizza and family. 

^^ 8 months old this week. ezra is still such a sweet, calm boy.

we spent a few days up at the zermatt in midway with my family at the end of the week. it was great to celebrate christmas with them.
^^ one morning on the way to the hotel bakery, we had a chance run in with santa claus outside.

^^ gift exchange

^^ nativity play (that lasted about 2 minutes with our boys). simon was joseph and asher was a shepherd.

^^ checking out the crater at the homestead

^^ baby nathan and keeks. it was great to be there for his baby blessing.

Sunday, December 16, 2018

50/52: december 2018

^^ we spent the week playing with friends and exploring new parks. phil left for another interview in new mexico halfway in the week, and came back in time for asher to come down with a terrible stomach bug (that lasted about 6 days!).

^^ breakfast at joe's cafe with lots of grits and silver dollar pancakes. 

^^ meeting new nephew, baby nathan

^^ soccer playing with our boy gang (and ruby, the dog)

^^ just about to get a haircut! so sad.

^^new haircuts for the boys

^^ cruising around ikea in style

^^ the playland at the mcdonalds in springville is perhaps the most wonderful playland we've ever encountered.

^^ and a new haircut for me. 12" off. 

^^ orem library children's area