Sunday, May 20, 2018

20/52: may 2018

 ^^ so glad that dear bonnie could stay with us and shower us with her love and companionship.

 ^^ I continue to be awed with the gentleness and kindness that simon (and asher too!) treats ezra. every time he sees him he croons, "ahhhh! what a cute fat baby!" and asks to hold him. when he is lying down, simon will just go up to him and lie with his arm over ezra in a hug. he loves giving him squeezes and is such a kind, interested big brother.

^^ simon wanted phil to hold him while he held ezra. it became a little too much love for the littlest boy there.

^^ had some friends over for lunch and chatted all afternoon.

 ^^ the many faces of this sunny bub

 ^^ 4 year old appointment for simon (nearly 6 months late!). he was tested and prodded and came out victorious. though, he had to get a few shots and that was less fun. but, it was exciting to wear the tiger hospital gown. wish they made ones like that for adults...

^^ from mother's day, from simon. mostly he thinks I'm amazing because I throw good birthday parties. I had no idea that I was such an incredible party thrower, or perhaps this is a hint at what he would like to see in the future from me. 

Sunday, May 13, 2018

19/52: may 2018

 ^^ the nicest baby ezra

 ^^ grateful that we get to spend mother's day with phil's wonderful mother. she has been staying with us and helping so much with the boys, feeding us wonderful food, holding ezra, and helping us keep up with life as we adjust to having three little boys. 

^^ phil received an award from his department
and, ezra likes to nap. so much excitement! ^^

 ^^ sleeping baby faces

^^ unprompted brother solidarity in the throes of tummy time. 

^^ wanted to document this church shirt, since it will be the first and last time 
this boy wears it, just like the first and only time it was worn by simon 
over 4 years ago. asher got too big too fast to ever wear it...!

Sunday, May 6, 2018

18/52: may 2018

 ^^ ben folds concert in raleigh with the north carolina symphony orchestra.
it was one of the best concerts and not just because the people next to us sang
along with nearly every song he sang.

 ^^ mom left us this week to go home and we were so grateful for all her wonderful help, especially taking care of simon and asher and taking them out nearly every day on walks or to parks.

^^ phil working his blueberry tart magic

^^ this sweet baby has a favorite sleeping position and it includes me and I don't mind.