Monday, July 3, 2017

june 26 - july 2: swimming and 5th anniversary

 ^^ simon had swimming lessons every day this week with a friend in our church ward.
he is so much more comfortable in the water now. he kicks and propels his arms and closes his mouth
underwater. I think we have a happy water bug in this guy.

 ^^ a sunset at falls lake 

 ^^ we celebrated our 5th anniversary on friday and we went out for a fancy dinner at nana's.
 ^^ we had the june tasting menu that had five courses and it was fantastic.
this was the ceviche.
^^ monkfish
^^ pasta and then hangar steak 
^^ key lime tarte and then an extra dessert on the house. it was wonderful.
 ^^ set-up shop on saturday at the patchwork market in durham.

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