Sunday, July 9, 2017

july 3 - july 9: utah fun!

^^ this is our wait for our [direct!] flight to utah. and, oh boy, thank goodness it was direct because getting it all out of the way was smart. simon was the chillest flyer. asher was not. that buddy just does not like to stay still or be impeded from his desired escapades. so, we made LOTS of friends on the flight. JOY! but, really, I can barely stay still on a flight, so I can imagine that he felt frustrated that we couldn't let him wiggle and run around. but, we survived and arrive in UTAH! can we talk about the dry heat here? I've missed it? yes. and that it gets so nice and cool at night? another yes. I love it.

^^ some places that we love and know so well here. PROOOOOVO!

^^ the time changed was a little rough the first few nights, so we had some impromptu naps here and there. 

^^ someone is happy to be with his papa.

^^ and, it's raspberry season in the backyard, so we've been re-learning the art of the perfect pick. asher chants, "pick it! pick it!" phil made 7 pints of raspberry jam from the pickings, though we're not sure how we are going to get some back to carolina...

^^ provo bakery donuts for breakfast (and lunch) and a visit to the bean museum and BYU.

^^phil had his 10 year high school reunion this past week and we got there early. so, a jump picture seemed to be in order.

^^ also, cafe rio catered. happiness.

^^ walked to breakfast (el gallo giro!) with this dear friend. our conversations are always so rich and thoughtful.

 ^^ ran the bryce canyon half marathon with this bonnie mom on saturday morning! we drove down the day before and listened to "hamilton" (my first time hearing the soundtrack). we picked up our packets, had the potato bar dinner outside under a pavilion near the "visitor's center" in cannonville, ut (population 167) served, I'm sure, by the local boy scout troop. it was so beautifully small town utah. I loved it.

^^ much of the half was downhill, which was great. overall, it was a good race topped off with chocolate milk and ice cream bars. a highlight of the race was the biggest side-toe blister of my life. haha! 

^^ spent our saturday evening with the boys (along with phil's brother, justin, and his boys) at this neat splash pad/river in springville.

^^ took a drive up to salt lake to see this girl and her sweet, happy twin girls! they're three of the nicest girls I know. 

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