Sunday, July 30, 2017

july 24 - july 30: snowbird and the white family

we spent the past week with phil's family at snowbird.


on sunday, we took a few grandchildren and family pictures in the backyard. it's wonderful to be all together.



Sunday, July 23, 2017

july 17 - july 23: provo & byu & snowbird

 ^^ we spent most of this past week with phil's family. we've been eating great food and spending time with people we love.

 ^^ we visited byu again this week. phil had a meeting on campus so we dropped him off and explored this beloved place.



^^ we came up to snowbird on friday to spend the week here. phil's family has the tradition of coming here twice a year, and it's one of the most beautiful places. also, it's neat to be with cousins and family that we haven't seen in a long time.

^^ REAL SALT LAKE! we bought group tickets for this game a few months ago, so we were looking forward to it. rsl vs. kc -- a fun game to see though we really should have put kc away with all the shots on goal we had.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

july 10 - july 16: california fun and heather's homecoming

our week started in utah and ended with us driving back from a quick trip to california to welcome my little sister home from her lds mission to england.

^^ taking a bath in grandma's sink (we have a similar picture of simon from our visit last year), and our cousins climbing up the tree in the front yard!

^^ keeks planned a fun picnic with our sweet mutual friend, jenn.

^^ the coolest sunglasses!


^^ we drove down to CA with the boys to spend time with my family. we had a few pit stops and a lot of episodes of daniel tiger. 

^^ later on the evening that we drove down to CA, we geared up in the car to go pick up heather from the airport. her airplane was delayed a few hours due to storms in the midwest and she arrived home at 1:30am!

^^ it was fun to be there in full force to pick her up even though it was a late night for us all.



^^ later that day, most of us were able to go down to the temple to go through together like we did before heather went on her mission. it was beautiful!

^^ asher had an accident during our CA trip where he fell on a rock and knocked one of his front teeth back. simon wanted a similar picture of his face being squeezed. 

 ^^ swimming fun

^^ an evening at tavern bay on lake arrowhead. we love this place.


^^ heather did a presentation on her mission talking about her experiences and the english culture.

^^ at the end, we dived into all the british treats she brought back for us.

^^ all together again!