Sunday, June 11, 2017

june 5 - june 11: water, flora, and a hike

^^ so much joy at tossing water about!

^^ love this picture of asher looking at the watery mess he was creating.
 they love this water table/using it to throw water around everywhere.

^^ putting together a few simple bouquets for friends

^^ hi.

 ^^ a pretty weaving fresh from the loom, tied up, and given a haircut.

^^ freshened up this first weaving with a cut and brought it the sides so they were less wonky.
 ^^ we went for a hike at the johnson mill preserve close to our home. it's right off a road that we travel often, but we had never explored its paths. it was fun to hike around and see all the bounty of green and the creek running through it.

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