Monday, June 19, 2017

june 12 - june 18: light, lightning, pools days

^^ there's been a bit of rain recently with thunder and lightning. on this particular day, simon listened to the lightning at the window and said so pensively, ""thunder, it sounds like loud things."

^^post-nap snuggles and netflix

^^ "saturdays in saxapahaw!" there's a small town down the road that has a 
farmer's market and outdoor concert every saturday evening in june. this week it
was "lester coalbanks & the seven sorrows" and it was chock full of country charm.

^^ acai bowls for father's day breakfast
^^ sweet potato frites with fried eggs and gravy
^^ poke bowls

^^ hiking with a tired bub 
^^ grandma and papa came out to visit for a few days

^^ I came in after having put the boys down to sleep and saw this LIGHT. I love these longer days and the light that lasts and lasts.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

june 5 - june 11: water, flora, and a hike

^^ so much joy at tossing water about!

^^ love this picture of asher looking at the watery mess he was creating.
 they love this water table/using it to throw water around everywhere.

^^ putting together a few simple bouquets for friends

^^ hi.

 ^^ a pretty weaving fresh from the loom, tied up, and given a haircut.

^^ freshened up this first weaving with a cut and brought it the sides so they were less wonky.
 ^^ we went for a hike at the johnson mill preserve close to our home. it's right off a road that we travel often, but we had never explored its paths. it was fun to hike around and see all the bounty of green and the creek running through it.

Sunday, June 4, 2017

may 29 - june 4: penguins, pools, and pizza

^^ fun in the rain and with the water table. 

^^ we drove out to the greensboro science center one morning this week. they have a museum, a small zoo, and a neat aquarium all wrapped up in one place. they had a group of penguins in a big display in the aquarium, and this one swam right up to simon as he was peering into the water. and, when we looked at this guy's flipper (his left one), we noticed a name bracelet with this name on it:

 ^^ like, WHAT THE SIMON?! of course, I found this to be much more thrilling than my 3 year old human simon, but the more I pushed "how cool!" this was, the more he was like, "okay, I guess it's cool that a PENGUIN was given the same name as me." later that night, I asked simon to tell phil about the science center and the special penguin: "his name is simon. like me!"



^^ someone was near the end of his patience rope by the time we were heading out. any clue who it was???

^^ a boy and his favorite book. 

^^ a boy and his cute sleeping self. do you wonder if asher's arm rolls will ever go away? 
I hope not! :)

^^ there was a memorial day bbq and pool party at the ymca on monday, 
and two fishes re-found their love of swimming and splashing. 

^^ date night!