Sunday, May 21, 2017

may 15 - may 21: sandals, lbs, and baseball


 ^^ I thought that his choice of sandals with these orange socks (with walruses printed on them, no less) was an excellent combination.

 ^^ the boys had a check-up this week that included a weight check. they weighed in at exactly the same weight, though the percentiles they fell in for their respective ages were quite different. :) 

^^ also, simon has a newfound obsession with hats. he pulls all of them out of the winter accessories basket, but his preferred hat is this blue and striped beanie. compare this photo to the first time he wore this hat over three years ago (below):

^^ on saturday, we attended a durham bulls' baseball game (with our church stake). we arrived an hour early so the boys could play on the "wool. e.'s world" playground before we settled down to watch the game. but, the boys were so tired after playing that by the time the game was in the second inning, it was clear that it was time to go. haha! c'est la vie. 

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