Monday, May 1, 2017

april 24 - april 30: virginia, charlotte, ikea

^^ trying so hard not to fall asleep! he soon gave in to slumber. we actually had a little scare with this bub this week after he aspirated some cheezits (he bumped his head while eating and breathed in the crackers) and nearly passed out from not being able to breathe. a round of good coughs, removal of said crackers, and pats on the back brought him round. I'm sure there's a new grey hair on my head from it. there sure is never an end to the excitement around here with our two chubalubs on the loose.

^^ we went to church in a place called south boston, va on sunday. since asher was the only baby in nursery, we spent much of the last two hours of church exploring the inside and outside of the building.

^^ phil decided to try his hand at sushi-making and the results were delicious.

^^ a fun weaving for a friend's baby shower this week.

^^ on saturday, a friend from college who lives in charlotte had a baby shower, and I decided to go out there with simon. obviously, we could not drive all the way to charlotte without a quick visit to our beloved ikea.