Sunday, May 28, 2017

may 22 - may 28: macarons and museums

^^ simon's first and last day of preschool

 ^^ made a batch of macarons this week. these frenchies were surprisingly simple to make. they were easy to eat too.

 ^^ on saturday morning, we took the boys to raleigh to visit the nc museum of natural sciences 
and the next door nc museum of history.

^^ it was a "whale"y fun time at the huge natural sciences museum.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

may 15 - may 21: sandals, lbs, and baseball


 ^^ I thought that his choice of sandals with these orange socks (with walruses printed on them, no less) was an excellent combination.

 ^^ the boys had a check-up this week that included a weight check. they weighed in at exactly the same weight, though the percentiles they fell in for their respective ages were quite different. :) 

^^ also, simon has a newfound obsession with hats. he pulls all of them out of the winter accessories basket, but his preferred hat is this blue and striped beanie. compare this photo to the first time he wore this hat over three years ago (below):

^^ on saturday, we attended a durham bulls' baseball game (with our church stake). we arrived an hour early so the boys could play on the "wool. e.'s world" playground before we settled down to watch the game. but, the boys were so tired after playing that by the time the game was in the second inning, it was clear that it was time to go. haha! c'est la vie. 

Sunday, May 14, 2017

may 8 - may 14: mother's day, strawberries, and so much hollandaise

^^ the face of a boy trying so hard to smile. and, it's in a flower pot. 

^^ another mother's day lovely: eggs benedict with homemade 
english muffins (like, what?!?). oh, happy brunch.

^^ this belly and this comatose pose of him watching a 
"kitty cat" documentary. so many cats. so much meow.

 ^^ rolls on rolls on rolls!

we went strawberry picking this week and this sticker 
was more beloved than the strawberries themselves. ^^

Sunday, May 7, 2017

may 1 - may 7: obx forever

we had another wonderful week of vacation to the beloved and beautiful outer banks. it's hard to explain the beauty of this place and the calm we feel here. it is just so good. we were able to go with our friends, the taylors, who introduced us to this place last year. we spent the days at the beach and the aquarium and taking hikes and driving up and down the coast. at night, when our kids went down to sleep, we had good conversation, ate good food, and played fun games together. on the way home today, simon was sad to leave his friends saying, "but mama, I NEED them!" 

 we walked to the sound one evening to watch the sunset and the wind was INSANE! please cue wind blown hair. ^^
^^ asher is a BEACH BABY! we didn't doubt it, but his immediate contentment on the sand and chasing the waves was fun to watch.

 ^^ straight chillin'

 ^^ happy wave catcher

 simon was not as taken with the beach this time around. the winds were strong and made him feel a little anxious, so he got wrapped up in the towels and chilled in the pop-up tent (thanks, mom!). he seemed happy to watch asher and phil take on the waves.

 ^^ nature hike at the nags head preserve. we love it there.

 ^^ after naps one rainy afternoon, we decided to drive down to hatteras and see the lighthouse.


^^ we came to our normal beach spot on saturday afternoon and there was a surf competition going on. I felt like I was in a scene from "blue crush" minus it wasn't hawaii and kate bosworth didn't show up.

^^ on friday morning, since it was chilly and rainy, simon and I went to NC aquarium on roanoke island. it's such a cool place! you can touch string rays, watch these jellyfish float around (they are so lazy), watch otters dance around for bread chunks, and watch the huge sharks pass by in a floor-to-ceiling tank. also, they rescue and rehabilitate SEA TURTLES (below)! yeah. I mean, that little lady's name is "foo foo the shoo." the place is legit.