Sunday, April 23, 2017

april 18 - april 23: gardens, flowers, and stroopwafels


 ^^ took another morning visit to duke gardens. this place is so good, and the boys like to roam the big grassy field in the middle. they'd also like to swim with the koi fish in the  big pond, but I somehow manage to keep them from doing that (though Asher's will is strong).

 ^^ on saturday morning, we visited the nc botantical gardens to check them out and walk around. 

^^ one afternoon, I was downstairs prepping dinner while simon was painting. I thought that asher was playing with books in the front room but I soon realized that it was much quieter than it should be with both the boys awake (namely, asher). I checked the empty front room and realized that asher must've gone upstairs. as I came upstairs and neared simon's room, I saw this little scene. I watched for a minute or so as asher turned through the books there on the ground, so content and interested in what he was seeing. moments like that make me realize that both motherhood and childhood are magical. 

also, simon is just too cool. ^^

^^ we spent a rainy morning this week at the children's museum of alamance county, and it was the COOLEST. so many fun rooms and activities for the boys (like the room with glass walls that the kids can paint on?!? yes and yes.).

phil did an inaugral run of our belgium waffle iron and made these stroopwafels this morning. hello breakfast of champions! ^^

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