Monday, April 17, 2017

april 10 - april 17: easter, the temple, ipods, and park walks


^^ we spent a happy easter with each other, with family, and with friends. on sunday morning, we thought it would be good to drive out to the raleigh temple and walk on the grounds. It seemed like a good place to be to think of Christ and His resurrection and the bonds of death that are broken for all. after church, we enjoyed an easter dinner complete with ham, funeral potatoes, delicious vegetables, drinks, and molten cakes.

 ^^ simon's room is decorated thanks to his preschool art and a smattering of blocks and books.

 asher snuggles are frequent these days and well-beloved.^^

 recently found out that my circa 2006 iPod mini still WORKS! blessed day. currently listening to my running mix. tay swift. a bit of backstreet boys. destiny's child.

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