Monday, March 27, 2017

march 20 - march 26: violins, car problems, and hugs

^^ these sheep got a shearing this week for our fhe activity. fuzzy boy heads for the win!


^^ one morning this past week, we woke up and got all ready for the day: breakfast, clothes, shoes, bags. the works.  it had been exciting outside because our neighbors were having some of their trees fell, and the boys were going nuts about the bulldozers and chipper. as we got packed in the car (our good and faithful little blue!) and shut the doors, I put the key in and turned and the car didn't start. at all. our starter had been slow to start the car in the past few weeks and it looked like it had finally given up the ghost. thankfully, our insurance covered a tow, and we got the car down to the dealership to get it a new starter. we were a bit flustered about not being able to get out, but, as you can see, our cul-de-sac was buzzing with exciting activity and these little boys didn't have too much to complain about.

^^ since little blue was in the shop for over a day, we walked to simon's preschool on thursday morning. it's about a mile and a half to get there and (mostly) has sidewalks all the way down. it was such a fun adventure walking there and the weather was so good, that we decided we should make a habit of walking there from now on. plus, pushing two 30 lbs+ boys in the double makes for good exercise. 

^^other exciting news in the way of transportation: new car seats for these fellas! I never in my wildest, younger-laurel dreams could have imagined the fun I would have scouring and researching the internet for convertible car seats. now, when you hear convertible I know what you're thinking: glamorous! and they are. and then, getting them installed! was it slightly invigorating? was I  thrilled about how aesthetically pleasing these matching seats looked in the backseat of our car? YES and YES.
we are LIVING THE DREAM, people! the dream. ;)

 we had a visit to the doctor for asher babe this week! this little man is nearly 33 lbs and rippling with happiness. ^^

thank you, amazon, for these pouches. thank  you, korea, for this english.^^

^^ on friday night, we attended a concert on campus given by this violin PRODIGY! seriously. it was incredible and also so neat to be able to go somewhere so close to home to see her.

here is a video from when she was 15 and just unreal as a violinist. please note, in the video, her incredible gold SCRUNCHIE that matches her CUMMBERBUND! such fashion.

I just thought this video was too sweet not to share. excuse the poor camera phone quality. ^^

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