Sunday, March 19, 2017

march 13 - march 19: river walk and trains

this week was slow and easy. we came back from a trip to the outer banks early in the week, and although it was spring break, phil needed to work a bit this week at school (his dissertation proposal is at the beginning of april). so, we were back at the museum and playground circuit in the mornings and hanging out with phil in the afternoons and watching more than our fair share of "madam secretary."

^^ sweet and fresh simon from a bath with dad and asher.

we took a walk on the hillsborough river walk this week. asher is currently a stroller-hater and had to walk. he's not the best at following a path though, so it took a while to go a short distance. still, it was fun to explore (and make sure asher didn't wander into the eno river...).


^^ somehow the grammar mistake in this graffiti-ed sentence on the underbelly pillar of a bridge takes away from it's desired profundity. also, the fact that it's written on a pillar. under a bridge. in hillsborough, nc. 

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