Sunday, March 5, 2017

feb 27 - march 5: a birthday, burgers, big rocks, and star stickers

this week was a bit similar to last week's when asher was sick. except, buddy passed his fun stomach bug to simon. yay! yay? nay. we had to isolate ourselves a little and sought out empty parks for our morning outings.
^^ I tried to capture it here (poorly done), but asher got some road rash on his nose and forehead from a face plant on the cement at trinity park. buddy just got cooking down a pathway and just as I said, "hey, gotta slow down" he took a trip and gave his face a smash. asher is a tough kid though. he's got all sorts of bruises (you should see the pup's legs!) and is always tumbling here and there, but he stays so happy and isn't fazed.

^^ hit it back to the 90's by putting in foam curlers one night this week. they're always fun to take out and see what they've done during the night (although I never seem to sleep well with them poking my scalp. weird, right?). some days I've gotta mix things up. thanks for mixing up my wednesday, foamies.

^^ cornwallis park was pretty empty this week in the mornings, so I let the sickies run wild there (in their christmas pajama leggings? such thoughtful sartorial choices).

^^ ALSO! THIS WEEK! it was philip white's GOLDEN BIRTHDAY! we ate our weight in fries and burgers the night before. on his birthday, we had pains au chocolat for breakfast, naps in the afternoon (blessed!), and crepes for dinner. 
weight was gained, a birthday boy was celebrated. 

 simon was so proud to have climbed this "big rock" at the park all by himself (with mama nearby to catch any misstep). king of the mountain! simon will sometimes shy away from big obstacles, but he wanted to get to the top of this and it was fun to watch him push forward and get there. ^^

^^ a jump off a smaller rock! looks like I have a future stunt double on my hands. jk. hopefully not...

^^ can you believe the sweet asher cheese here? simon missed the smiling memo, but he was a little annoyed that we were blocking the slide to snap up this kodak moment (which was understandable reaction -- slide blocking is unacceptable).

often, in the mornings, simon will watch "violins and cello" on a few tried and true youtube videos (that we watch ALL the time). he gets totally sucked in! earth to simon, earth to simon. heeeelllloooo? last week in church, there was a beautiful musical number done with a lady who played violin, and he kept saying to me, "mama, look at the violin! I love it! I love this song!" perhaps we'll have a string instrument player? if not, I'm glad he seems to appreciates them. ^^

 ^^ asher cuddles are becoming more and more common these days and they are so nice.

^^ this little boy loves to plop down in the dirt and leaves. he was there throwing leaves up and down for about 10 minutes.
also, we got out the star stickers after naps one day to lift up some sad spirits (waking up can be so hard, you know?). ^^

^^ rollin' so hard in this fancy pink coup. just need to bling out those rims.

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