Saturday, February 11, 2017

nc zoo

we woke up early this morning and went to the zoo! the gps took us down a pretty wonky path to get there (google maps got us home in a more linear fashion), but it was enjoyable to drive through the north carolina countryside. it made us wish we could own a few acres of trees and green.

the nc zoo was pretty awesome and comprehensive when it came to its animals. ever heard of an ocelot? even know how to pronounce it? well, I hadn't and didn't, but then my world was changed. by an ocelot. and then there were the bison! and the elephants! and the giraffes! it was neat to be so close to the animals, and it wasn't very busy so we could get great views. one view in particular was the rear-side of a male gorilla right up against the glass. I'm hoping the boys won't remember that sight.

oh, and let's talk about the best-weathered february I've ever experienced! today the temperature reached into the low 70's. we wore shorts and short-sleeves and relished in the warmth. we put on sunscreen. it felt like san diego, and san diego temps feels so nice. especially in february.

^^ I don't even know, asher. looks like he is running/going in for a firm handshake.

^^ I told simon to pick the buffalo's nose, and he gave it a kiss. 

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