Sunday, February 26, 2017

feb 20 - feb 26: sun, swings, slides, and blossoms

the weather continues to be so beautiful and warm here (you're weirding me out, february! keep it up!), so we continue our daily walks and daily park visits. it may be the boys or it may be me (or both), but we HAVE to get out every day or we go a little stir-crazy bonkers. thankfully, these perfect sunny days keep on coming and keep us out and about. plus, there's nothing like running around outside to get these chicos to take a 3 hour nap. may the gods ever smile on us and grant us our daily naps.
simon wants more and more to play with asher when we're out. if asher is over doing something different he tells me, "mama, I want asher to play with me. I want asher play on slide with me." I'll tell him to go ask asher and he'll often say, "c'mon, let's play, asher!" It's sweet and fun to watch them play and have fun together. ^^

^^ beautiful hand-drawn portraits of the boys done by my friend, Anna!

^^ nothing seems more spring to me than a flowering magnolia! hopefully our neighbor didn't think it too strange that I was inconspicuously taking pictures of their tree... I would have climbed it and gotten my face right in those flowers had it not been for prudence sake. and, social norms sake.

^^ phil put together an incredible lasagna earlier this week that we have been eating every day since. in the words of jim gaffigan, "CARBALICIOUS!"

^^ oh, to sunbathe in february! go ahead and play on, little boys. I'll just be laying out right here on this park bench, thank you.

^^ I'm not sure how I came across this snack, but hummus and celery has been my nap time go-to the past week.

^^baby asher was getting all snuggly on the swings. I do love whatever snuggles this wiggly boy will give me. he had a bit of a hard week with a stomach bug (read: lots of diapers) and a doctor's visit to confirm that is was a stomach bug. I would prefer he be healthy than sick and snuggly, but if he's going to be sick then I'm grateful for the cuddly side-effects.

 ^^ we picked up Phil from school and hit another park in the afternoon. simon is crazy about slides, and looks like his hair is too!

I worked on two larger weavings this week. making them always seems to be an interesting process. I often will have a rough idea of what colors I'd like to use/ colors that people have requested I use and a rough idea of some elements of the weaving, but so much of the end result is what I decide to do/add in at the moment. nearly every time, I'll be halfway done with a weaving and convinced its going to look gnarly. somehow though, once it is hanging up and trimmed up, it turns out okay. 

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