Monday, December 18, 2017

new orleans

we went to new orleans this past week to tag along with phil to a conference. we had fun in the city, and, of course, had some "interesting" experiences since it was new orleans. our hotel was on bourbon street and I don't think I quite knew what that meant until we arrived. that street is crazy! ha! nonetheless, we enjoyed exploring the french quarter and eating many a beignet from cafe du monde. 

to be honest, I wouldn't say that new orleans was the most kid-friendly city we've been to (I doubt it really aspires to be! ha!), but we were able to find things to do that the kids enjoyed. the boys and I were only there a few days with phil so we had to cram things in in our schedule and we missed naps a few days in a row. thankfully, the boys were able to cope, though asher slept a solid 14 hours the evening we arrived home. 

things we did that we enjoyed together:
- hop on hop off bus: since we didn't get a rental car during our stay, we got the 3-day pass for the city sightseeing hop on hop off tour. we used that as a way of indirectly getting places that we didn't want to walk to. we walked a lot, nonetheless, which hopefully offset all the po-boys and beignets...
- lousiana children's museum: this saved the day one morning. it was a fun place for the kids to run around and explore. it also was just so beautiful and creative for a children's space that I took note of a few of their installations for a future playroom. the best part was that we got in for free with reciprocity from our membership at a local museum at home in nc.
- steamboat ride: this was a nice way to spend a few hours. the boys liked exploring and walking on the boat. it was fun to look out onto the river and eat snacks. the big horn on the boat was also exciting (and maybe a little scary for the boys!).
- walks: we did this every day to burn energy and explore. much of the walks for the boys were spent in the stroller or in the ergo baby (busy roads), but it gave us a lot of outside time.

food options: we found that it was difficult to find inexpensive food that worked well with the kids. there was mcdonalds, but after two days of chicken nuggets and cheeseburgers for their lunch, we decided to go to the french market and buy produce and other healthier options for them. unfortunately, there were not a ton of grocery store options in the area.

Sunday, October 29, 2017

october 2017

montreal and quebec

spent a week with a dear friend in french canada! it was a wonderful trip and felt great to try new foods, speak in french again, and see new and beautiful places. we spent a lot of time walking (over 10 miles every day!), sightseeing, and wandering museums and churches.