Saturday, July 2, 2016

carolina beach

for our anniversary this week, we packed the four of us in the car and drove down to carolina beach. we stayed in a newer camping cabin at the state beach park. they are these neat little two-roomed cabins with beds, electricity, lights, and air conditioning. it was a great and inexpensive option for us. the weather, however, the weather on the day we left was foreboding. there was torrential rain nearly the entire drive down. but, we felt confident that the rain would subside, and it did. the day we went to the beach was cloudy and perfect for our sunburn-inclined skin. it was warm. the water was nice. 
and, there were no sharks. :)

^^on the road and glad (at least I am. phil?) that both boys were asleep at the same time! simon is not a big car sleeper, so this was a beautiful thing.

^^ happy boy after a dip in the atlantic

^^ simon had a bit of a hard time at the beach. walking on the sand became a big no-no. so, I held him and took him out into the waves with me. he about melted down after a few minutes. we came back, sat together for awhile, and then he wanted to sit in his stroller, facing the ocean. he was content to stay there the rest of our jaunt at the beach.

^^island hots hot dogs. I had read beforehand about this place and they had some pretty decent dogs.

^^ got ourselves a nice bag of these beauties for breakfast on the boardwalk one morning.

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