Tuesday, April 26, 2016

a little bit of this and a little bit of that

I wanted to share a few photos from this past week. the weather here has turned perfectly warm and we've been venturing outside every day to get our fill! I think the spring here will prove to be my favorite time of the year. everything is green and beautiful. it has been so nice to go out, take walks, and enjoy nature.

^^ we went down to the eno river with friends last week. simon threw rocks into the water for over an hour. nature makes for the best and gentlest teacher. it's fun to watch this blondie explore and discover and be a little boy.

^^ it has been a treat this past year to have friends with whom we do a babysitting exchange. they watch our two one weekend for a date night and we watch theirs the next. this weekend was our turn out and we visited parker & otis for sandwiches and to browse their store. it has just about everything I want to fill my home with: beautiful prints, beautiful cookware, beautiful books, beautiful everything!

^^ exploring some paths in duke forest.

^^ giving a nice, cheesy grin!

^^ our post-nap gang chilling on our bed. ahh, I do love these little men!

^^ phil gave himself a haircut on sunday, and we decided to give this lad his first haircut!

^^ surprise flash!

^^ me: "say, 'cheese,' simon."
simon: "nah, mama! naaaaaah!"

^^ strawberry picking pickings! 7lbs of these pretties.

^^ the free labor who picked those 7lbs.

^^ simon picking (mostly squishing!) berries.

^^ I found a few of these in our cardboard flat -- some juicy green ones thanks to some dutiful, little hands.

^^ the handsomest of pickers

^^ and, of course, noticing the most important things. 

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