Monday, December 7, 2015

trip to virginia / d.c.

phil finished his classes for the semester the tuesday before thanksgiving. after his final class, we picked him up and took off immediately for virginia. we stayed with a couple friend of ours, the mautz family. they've been dear friends since our chance meeting nearly seven years ago and serving missions together in new caledonia. when we found out that we would be moving to north carolina many months ago, we all planned a thanksgiving stay at their home.
^^ virginia is for blurry lovers...

^^ just a few sweet family moments. we were about to leave for lunch and I noticed phil chilling with the boys in the rocking chair. I propped the camera up on the bed and jumped into the kodak moment. also, please note simon's happy expression with some many things he loves: dad, asher kissing him (he always thinks it's hilarious when we put asher's face into his), my tube of mascara, and his bear.

^^ the thanksgiving dinner that carl + shirley prepared was AMAZING! that beautiful cranberry orange sauce and the sweet potato casserole were highlights. and, we were grateful that we stayed a few days after turkey day in order to enjoy the leftovers. it was the thanksgiving dinner that kept on giving.

^^ on friday, while carl + shirley worked in the DC temple, the four of us ventured to the capitol. it was surreal to see all these monuments and edifices in real life and so close to one another.

 ^^after spending about 30+ mins looking for parking, we finally made it down to the mall and walked from the washington memorial down the the lincoln memorial. phil had visited DC before and since there was little chance of getting both babies and strollers up the lincoln memorial stairs, he let me run up there to see dear abraham. there was a sense of peace inside the memorial and it was good to read the engraved words of his second inaugural speech on the wall. 

^^ the rest of our trip included a trip to IKEA, some birthday activities, lunch with my friend jacqueline (who lives nearby), seeing other friends (brian + shanna), enjoying evening walks, eating good food + good pie, watching movies, and talking until late at night about fun memories with the mautzes.
^^ simon found a special train friend that kept him entertained all week.
^^ our dear friends, carl + shirley, and our gang right before we hit the road to come home.

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