Sunday, December 20, 2015

byu moa

I've missed the  moa on byu campus. as an undergrad, I would often wander through the galleries if I had an extra hour to spare. it may seem strange, but, for me, one of the most profound art exhibits that they showed there was the photography of chris dunker on the dismantling of the geneva steel company, also, through the moa I discovered james tissot and his painting series called, "the life of christ." his representations of the various scenes of jesus' life are colorful and were different than all the other christ art I had seen thereunto. after phil and I married, we purchased the large book that contains all the watercolors and illustrations in the series. 

in any case, a few weeks ago I noticed that the moa was opening a norman rockwell exhibit and it looked fascinating. I reserved tickets and dragged some family members along. one of the most provocative pieces that rockwell painted was "murder in mississippi." he painted the matters of his times. as we walked through the exhibit, I wondered what rockwell would paint if he was living today. what social scenes would he comment on through his art?
after the exhibit, we took some pictures (below) on the main floor.

^^ a little too much brotherly love...

^^ "double rainbow all the waaaaay!" tell me you've seen that youtube video??

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