Wednesday, November 25, 2015


just some photos of our happenings from the last few weeks.

trip out west

asher and I flew out west on halloween to spend a week in utah and in california. the main reason for our visit was to see my beautiful and dearest friend, mindy, get married in the salt lake city temple.

^^ it was a perfect day and I was beyond happy to see this girl, who I love so much, seal the deal with her ben. it could not have been more lovely affair.

^^ enjoyed a few creature comforts in provo. I can't seem to find this flavor of ritter sport anywhere in nc. and, del taco is a west coast food chain that I had been missing BAD. so, a visit was in order. also, sodalicious. mmm.
^^ utah fall status.

^^ my little sister, heather, and I drove down from utah to lake arrowhead together the day after mindy's wedding. heather, in her preparation to serve a mission for our church, went through the temple and all of us (all the cummins brothers + sisters + our parents) were able to be in attendance. it was a happy evening.

^^ it was my excellent fortune to be down in california the same time that the white family girls (sisters/SIL/mom) were having a girl's trip to newport beach. they had planned it a few weeks beforehand and I felt sad that I wouldn't be able to go. but, since my trip our west was extended a few days in order to go to the temple with heather, I was able to spend a night + a day with this wonderful girls.

^^ this munchkin was the very BEST travel companion. he was so chill and easy: sleeping on the flights, eating like a champion, being pretty good about the 9 hour drive to CA (although he had a few rough moments - totally understandable), napping well and often, and when I got my hair done (which took 4 hours!) he was cool as a cucumber the entire time. bless you, asher baby!

^^ I missed these fellas while I was off across the country. simon seemed to be pretty happy mama was gone (see: picture above), but phil told me that he had been acting more and more sad and a little sensitive as the week progressed. thus, you can imagine the happy reunion we had when we landed back home in north carolina. we love being able to call this place our home.