Thursday, October 8, 2015

two babies, a date, and a visit

a pictorial dash of our recent happenings:
^^ this boy may not be the best sleeper, but when he does, the little faces he makes are precious.
^^ playing at the park and we came upon some shel silverstein.
^^ the sky and the trees and the trees and the sky.
^^ my favorite napping partner.
^^ brothers!
^^ our family. and let's focus on the fact that simon is pushing asher off of him.
^^ milk coma
^^ and, boom, this just melted your heart.
^^ and this re-hardens that heart melting. the sweetest simon face you ever did see.
^^ and melting again. you guys, we made this. and sour watermelon slices helped too.
^^ this was, quite seriously, all I ate until dinnertime one day. 
healthy habits are important around here.
^^ a beautiful blanket for asher that our sister made us!
^^ date night at "vin rouge." phil's wonderful cohort all chipped in to get us a large sum of a gift certificate to this local french bistro, and we spent two hours there eating the most delicious, beautiful food. we had soups and salad and entrées and topped off our meal with a perfect, shared crème brulée.
^^ this handsome date with his gratin macaroni.
^^ salade niçoise.
^^ croque madame.
^^ soupe à l'oignon. 

^^ and, last but not least to share: our date and all that was good and delicious and wonderful last weekend was thanks to a visit from phil's mama. you guys! she is great. we gained weight because of her cinnamon rolls, bread pudding with caramel sauce, chicken parmesan, steak, and pasta with rosa sauce. we had naps and free time and inspector lewis watching at night and an extra set of hands. simon took long runs in the stroller with her in the mornings and asher was loved on by grandma. when she left we kept asking ourselves, "how are we going to survive without her?" of course, we are doing fine, but this past tuesday (when she left) proved to be a little hairy trying to habituate to life without her again. we felt lucky to have her here.

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