Monday, October 12, 2015

at the pumpkin patch

the four of us ventured out on saturday to a pumpkin farm in cary. it was a drizzly morning, but no spirits were dampened because PUMPKINS and HAY MAZES and CORN CRIBS. there were also some excellent steak nachos but that doesn't give off a very "harvest festival" vibe so that doesn't get to be capitalized. 

^^ I wanted a family photo, but asher slept for the near entirety of our visit and there was no way we were waking him up. so, voilĂ , our 3 out of 4.

^^ food truck provisions 

^^ simon may not have liked the corn crib (you should have seen the mega pout when we plopped him in there!), but this make-shift tube slide propped up by bales of hay was much beloved. by the way, who wears a skirt to going picking pumpkins and going down slides?!? I'm just glad I didn't flash anyone.

^^ so many beautiful gourds

^^ our big white beauty!

^^ I do like these pimply ones.

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