Tuesday, September 15, 2015

here and there

this is just a smattering of what we've been up to over the past few weeks. I originally wanted to post this before sweet baby asher debuted, but such is the fruition of most of my good intentions: tardy.

^^ this north carolina place astounds me. every turn and bend in the road
leads somewhere new and beautiful.

^^ chimichangas and stairs emblazoned with "the love song of j. alfred prufrock" welcomed us at the cosmic cantina. a friend recommended this place (close to east duke campus), and yelp also pulled through to let us know this was a fine eatery; the review that said that it's a really good place to go "if it's 3am, you're craving a burrito, and intoxicated." that was just the push we needed to go.

^^ the q shack is not the place you want to go on the weekend, because this bbq place is PACKED! like, parking lot is a zoo. we went on a wednesday afternoon after receiving numerous recommendations to go there, and LOOK AT THAT FOOD! it was southern-style, cheesy, meaty heaven. and, let's not forget the hushpuppies. the hushpuppies, people.

^^ just some shots of the belly that used to be all baby kicks and nutella.
it's still nutella, btw.

^^okay. these shots make it look like simon is plastered to the tv all day, every day! he isn't (yet). we recently purchased a tv for our place and started watching some pbs kids with simon. sometimes I find that I'm the only one watching since the dude has gotten bored and starts reading a book. ANYWAY, when I am getting ready for the day too slow for simon-pants (he's grabs his shoes and is like, "let's go outside now, mom!" every flipping morning, and I'm like, "child, I am still in my underwear."), I'll put on an episode of "daniel tiger", and he is entranced (and me too?? those songs get STUCK in your head bad bad bad). and, sometimes the way/the positions in which simon will watch a morning episode are hilarious (especially that middle one from down the hall!) and need to be documented. 

^^ don't get me started on this little, blue stroller obsession. 

^^sweet doggie for asher.

^^ average leaf

^^ went to the unc soccer game undercover and working the light-blue of the tar heels. the guy behind us, however, sensed we were dukies. 

^^ more sugar from the pelican sno-ball/cone shack. man, they've got over 60 flavors and made decision-making nearly impossible. but, obviously, not totally impossible because: pomegranate, passion fruit, peach!

^^ it was a waffle house kind of saturday morning, and hello to my apple crumble waffle. it wasn't for me though, it was for baby.

^^ grandpa reading  animal books to the animal lover. reading that book gets INTENSE. I mean, you get to the page about puppies and simon nearly has a meltdown every single time.

^^ and a final photo of pregnant, chocolate loving me before I decided no more pictures until the child arrived. this package of goodies was delivered and became my deliverance that day.

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