Thursday, August 13, 2015

west coast trip: lake arrowhead

our last leg of our washington/california trip last month was spent in my hometown of lake arrowhead for a cummins family reunion. there is nothing, in my mind, that matches the 4th of July fireworks over the lake or the feeling of being in the home&town you grew up in surrounded by family. it was all so familiar and good for my heart.

^^ playing in the driveway with cars and bubbles and some good rounds of chase. the girls enjoyed chasing and being chased by phil around the house. they would chant after him, "oh philly!"

^^ at the pool

^^ the kick-off to our family reunion was at tavern bay. being at the lake with all the munchkins was so much fun.

^^ of course, the highlight of the trip was fireworks show over the lake. a big barge goes out into the middle of the lake and fires them into the sky. people can watch from their boats, the shorelines, or from any viewpoint they can get. my dad found a clearing near our house, and he and my younger sister spent time there sweeping out the pine cones, setting up chairs and tables, and getting it ready for all of us to come. then, my earnest dad decided to spend the next SEVEN hours there in order to really secure that spot and watch over the set up. dedication, people! it was a good thing he did too, because by the time we arrived, there were tons of people already around staking out other good spots.  we really had the best though. since it was simon's bedtime by the time we arrived and before the fireworks began, we fed him his bottle, settled him into his stroller, and then the boy slept through the entire show! I thought for sure that he would get startled at one point, but that little rock was exhausted.

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