Sunday, July 12, 2015

west coast trip: oregon

to break up the distances we were driving during our road trip, we scheduled in stops for days that had over six or seven hours in the car. since the distance from seattle to our next visit in the san francisco area was about twelve hours, we decided to stay the night midway in oregon. a few months ago, when we were planning hotels/motels stays and the like, I noticed that a quick detour down highway 58 just south of eugene wouldn't add much overall drive time and we would be able to visit crater lake national park.

^^ the roads along the 58 were bordered by these vast, green, oregonian forests and some beautiful lakes peeking out to the roadside.

though I have no photo for it, our motel that night was a small one-bedroom-side-of-the-highway-right-next-to-the-gas-station place that provided us a semi-comfy bed and a small fan to ward off the heat. but, really, it was all we needed. from the stoop outside of our door, simon watched the semi trucks drive by and we relished in the peace of not driving.

^^ the next morning, we woke up early and drove up this long, straight road leading to the national park entrance. as we ventured into the forests and hills that led up to the ledge of the caldera lake, our anticipation grew. 

^^I'll never quite be able to express it well in words, but it was a moment of true awe when we parked the car near the ridge, hiked up the hillside, and beheld this blue, serene place. it was silent and still and felt like a sacred place. 

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