Wednesday, June 17, 2015

and that's what's up

oh, hey. we've just been hanging out, relaxing all cool this past little while trying to 
enjoy these few, calm weeks before some trips and our big move come. 

here are a bunch of non-connected photos from the camera of our recent activities and jaunts 
about town - from the park to the pool to puppies, the backyard to the bathroom mirror 
to the blooms around where we live.

^^ the hills and the flowers!

^^ just a light lunch at tucanos...

^^ simon was SO thrilled to be at the pool, can you tell? I think he probably just
needed a nap, poor boy.

^^ at the park
^^ a true joy of pregnancy: the glucose test.

^^ the nearby church parking lot has seen us around these parts a lot.
^^ the puppy barn!

^^ raspberry morning picking
^^ because, why pretend that any pants besides phil's sweats fit me?