Thursday, April 16, 2015

spring snow

it just wouldn't be a utah winter without some sort of snowfall in the middle of the spring. can you say, "bipolar?" still, we need the precipitation terribly, so in a way it was welcome. also, since it has been such a mild winter, simon hasn't had much of a chance to acquaint himself with snow. we won't have many opportunities to love on snow when we live in north carolina starting this fall (yes, we are moving since phil's starting a phd) since the carolinas aren't known for their snow quite as much as are the rocky mountain areas.

it was fun to watch little simon and phil stand out in the driveway and enjoy the falling snow (and get a good taste) for a few minutes. his expressions were new and priceless. I feel grateful that I get to experience things that are so well-known to me over again in the eyes of my baby boy.

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