Saturday, April 25, 2015


we have looked forward to our graduation and have been grateful for the educational opportunities of which we we have been able to take advantage. yesterday, phil and I attended our respective university college convocations (him: college of mathematical and physical sciences / me: college of humanities) and received our masters degrees. it feels strange, liberating, relieving, and a touch sad to be done with this stage in life here at BYU. nonetheless, we are excited to move forward and welcome the adventures in store for us during the next few months: traveling, moving, starting school, and bringing a new baby into our brood.

here are some images from our happy day yesterday:
(with my parents)
(with grandma)

(with phil's mom and sister)

phil's convocation in the morning

(graduated to gangsta status??)

the humanities convocation in the afternoon

(simon was just so happy and proud! or, he was just grumpy from the long day.)

(with dear professor sprenger, my wonderful graduate and thesis advisor.)


  1. Congratulations! You two are a power couple!

  2. Congratulations! You two are a power couple!