Saturday, April 25, 2015


we have looked forward to our graduation and have been grateful for the educational opportunities of which we we have been able to take advantage. yesterday, phil and I attended our respective university college convocations (him: college of mathematical and physical sciences / me: college of humanities) and received our masters degrees. it feels strange, liberating, relieving, and a touch sad to be done with this stage in life here at BYU. nonetheless, we are excited to move forward and welcome the adventures in store for us during the next few months: traveling, moving, starting school, and bringing a new baby into our brood.

here are some images from our happy day yesterday:
(with my parents)
(with grandma)

(with phil's mom and sister)

phil's convocation in the morning

(graduated to gangsta status??)

the humanities convocation in the afternoon

(simon was just so happy and proud! or, he was just grumpy from the long day.)

(with dear professor sprenger, my wonderful graduate and thesis advisor.)

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

halfway there!

this baby boy is twenty weeks along now! so far, I feel quite lucky because this pregnancy has not been much different health wise then simon's. his was pretty mild and with this babe I've had tiredness and a bit of nausea in the first trimester. the only thing that has made it perhaps a bit more difficult this time around is that we have simon and I can't just plop down for a good nap whenever I feel like it. and, oh, I feel like it often! 

I know I haven't talked a lot about this pregnancy on here. with all the hustle and bustle of this final semester, we have been excited about the birth of this new little one but bogged down in work, completing our academic programs, and family. but, this baby wasn't a surprise for us or unplanned. after the marathon back in september, philip and I felt like we should start planning to have another baby. it seems fast, I know. I mean, of course I know. only nine months into having one and planning to have another? call us crazy (we've done it a few times) but we thought it through, talked it out, and have felt like our first two should be close to each other. my older sister and I are a little more than 22 months apart, and I am grateful for how close we've been. we wanted that for simon and for his, now, brother. we found out about baby on New Year's Eve. I took an at-home test and confirmed the positive at the local health center. we told our parents soon after since we aren't much for hiding baby news from them, and in the months and weeks to follow we've told family and friends.

now, we are halfway to baby's september due date! the past four+ months have been a whirlwind and have kept my body and mind busy. I taught a 9am class this semester, so if I felt sick I'd have to push through it. it may sound strange but for the past two pregnancies I feel like I've been lucky enough to still be working/in school. both have kept my mind occupied and not focused on how bad/sick/hormonal I may have felt some days. 

in all, I'm excited for the future and what the next twenty weeks will bring. we'll graduate this week, move across the country in the next few months, and then this baby will come and make our three four.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

spring snow

it just wouldn't be a utah winter without some sort of snowfall in the middle of the spring. can you say, "bipolar?" still, we need the precipitation terribly, so in a way it was welcome. also, since it has been such a mild winter, simon hasn't had much of a chance to acquaint himself with snow. we won't have many opportunities to love on snow when we live in north carolina starting this fall (yes, we are moving since phil's starting a phd) since the carolinas aren't known for their snow quite as much as are the rocky mountain areas.

it was fun to watch little simon and phil stand out in the driveway and enjoy the falling snow (and get a good taste) for a few minutes. his expressions were new and priceless. I feel grateful that I get to experience things that are so well-known to me over again in the eyes of my baby boy.