Monday, March 30, 2015

the start of something wonderful

we're just over the moon for the sweet baby boy
that will make our family four early this september.

we went in for an ultrasound this past weekend to find out this babe's gender.
when we saw that it was a boy (he was quick to reveal himself!),
we cheered and simon began to laugh. as he watched the baby's movements,
he giggled. little does he know he has a new comrade in there.
I'm excited for them to have one another and to, hopefully,
not only be brothers but buddies.
 they are my little boys.

Thursday, March 26, 2015


I've lived in utah for nearly eight years and, before last weekend, had yet to make my way down to moab. back in december, after the holidays and feeling the need for a little more movement motivation, I signed up for the canyonlands/moab half marathon with phil's mama, bonnie, and some adventurous friends. although my training the past few months was far from rigorous, I did get out on the road a few times a week and did the long saturday morning runs. I think I also mentally relied on the fact that I had already run a few races before and felt that I could totally finish this one even if I needed to walk or just jog slowly.

we traveled down to green river on friday evening and stayed in the very fancy Robber's Roost motel. our room had wood plank walls (circa 1950s?) and a bright green tile bathroom. it may have been an inexpensive choice but, you know, it provided a nice bed and a warm shower so no complaints. plus, look at that sign! winner!
(via flickr)

the morning of the race, we took the buses up the canyon and waited in the cold at the starting line. the worst moment is when you have to ditch your sweats and jacket, toss them in your swag bag and then into the truck, and wait for the start of the race. but, enthusiasm and group hugs were pretty effective at keeping us warm.

(last three pictures via chelsea leavitt)

and, the race went well! the heat was a little rough in some patches of the race (mostly the beginning and at the very end) but most of the course was covered in the canyon's shadow, and that was blissful. plus, clif shots gels! those kept me fueled and feeling good the entire time. 

after the race, we decided to hike up into arches national park to see the delicate arch.
perhaps that hike is an easy one for many, but after the half marathon that three mile hike left us really aching. 

but, hello! it was all well worth catching this view! 
seeing the delicate arch in real life was incredible.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

happy day

today was a good day. 

there was sleeping in (thanks, phil), quiche-baking, brunch with friends from down the street, a nice nap with my boys, a run into the canyon, a good gu energy gel (running friends, tell me you have a favorite gu too? is it kinda weird that mine's strawberry banana?), shorts, sixty degree weather, a shower, a gathering of mission friends, slice after slice of jarlsberg cheese, chocolate covered raisins, a happy simon, talking to family on the phone, and summer plan-making on my mind.

I needed and loved today. I suppose that the whole point of having the spectrum of the worst, the bad, the good, the better, and the best days is to savor the happy days when they come.

hurrah for march 14.