Monday, February 16, 2015

around here

I've been a little MIA with this here internet space of ours lately, because, oh man, life! it's been full and wonderful and stressful and crazy. and, I mean, am I the only one who breaks out with fatty canker sores when they get stressed because that junk is rotten. and you're so so grateful that I bestowed that little gem of knowledge on you, right?

I'm teaching. I'm tutoring. I'm finishing a thesis. I currently dream in footnotes and citations.
Phil's doing research. Phil is studying. Phil is finishing a thesis. Phil is dreaming dreams of dancing grad school sugar plum fairies.
Simon is walking/running. Simon is a page-turning, loves-to-be-chased, door-slamming, pasta-flinging tornado of baby love. 
We are happy. We are tired. We are excited for the present. We are excited for the future.

oh, and it's been a good weekend. long. chocolate. good food. sleeping.
we covered all the bases.

^^ three years of being engaged. we try to get a ring-bling picture each year. here are the ones from the past years.
^^ a little family night fun with shel.
^^a saturday morning writing workshop at my thesis advisor's home, 
 ^^look at this sad, pasta face. why so melachony?
^^some valentine's day love from phil's sweet familia.
^^just us at home.

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  1. Wow! You are a busy family! Even little Simon is exploring, discovering and experiencing at a "running" speed. Be sure to make time to relax!